HWSNBN (He Who Shall Not Be Named)

Chapter 16

Harvey answered the call yelling, “WHAT?” His face became serious as the call went on and both Alli and I knew what it was about. He glanced at her and said “You’re right, Alli. Tommy’s had a stroke. Sam’s at the hospital with his dad, and Ron’s just about to leave, to sit with him. He did say he’d keep in touch.”

“Bet Ron’s worried sick?” Harvey nodded.

Gina, who was sat beside Olli at the other end of the table, piped up, “They have clot-busting drugs these days, Harvey. A thrombolytic injection will radically reduce the effects if it’s given within the first hour after a stroke, and most of the patients have a shorter recovery time.”

“He might be lucky, then, Gina. Sam knew the signs and the ambulance was there pretty fast.”

Andy pushed in, “Can’t you remember that from basic training, Harvey?”

“Huh! I only did two weeks and they shipped me off to do something different.”

“Aren’t you allowed to tell us?”

Harvey grinned at him, “Don’t be daft – course I can, Andy. They sent me to an army training camp with a couple of other humans. Never saw them again, until I was leaving.”

Reese sat opposite them. He looked puzzled and asked, “What the hell did they have you there for, Harvey?”

“Never quite worked it out, Reese. Didn’t you know about it?”

“I only came on board when Alli lived with you, but there’s no mention of it in your files from basic training. What were you there for and where was it, exactly?”

“Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire. They put me through a lot of mind tests; nothing physical, which is what I expected.”

“That must have been where they made their final decision about you, Harvey. Surprised it’s not in your file, though.”

“Ron said he saw videos, and that’s when he fought for me to be here.”

“Bet the fucking Home Office either buried or destroyed all that when they cocked up the first time. They found nothing else for you when they searched for stuff on Gina.”

Harvey knew we didn’t know what the hell he was talking about. “Sorry, we’re being rude here. Those bastards knew how Alli was feeding, even though she didn’t, and thought it was okay to keep me in the fucking dark. Ron was muzzled by them as well. I had to do a shift in vice one night, after arresting their DI for murder, and Alli was down there feeding off punters. I thought the opposite, came home and told her to leave.” He took hold of her hand. “Sorry, Mrs Burgess. I know it was a bit stronger than that.”

“Just tell it, Harvey. I’m sure I’ll find a suitable punishment for you, later.”

He giggled at Alli and turned back to see our smiling faces. He flashed his eyes, saying, “Told you we don’t behave at home. Where was I? Alli had been gone for a week when Jenny and Ron found me amongst a heap of wine bottles…”

“We filled a fucking skip,” Jo threw in laughing.

Harvey smirked at her. “Jo’s right – not proud of it. The ghost of Alli’s boyfriend, who died the day I met her, told me where she was.” The anger we felt towards the Home Office must have been felt by them all. I was staggered at the things they’d been through. Gavin cuddled me tighter, feeling my emotions.

Harvey ploughed on, “As regards Gina, two Home Office psychos turned her for an experiment.”

“FUCKING HELL!” blasted from more than one mouth.

Gavin was the loudest. “Sorry, couldn’t stop it.”

Reese spoke to him, “They’re in Broadmoor, Gavin – no hope of parole. I wish we still had the death penalty for people like that. Gina wasn’t the first. The other poor girl died.” I felt the dread blast out of Reese. He couldn’t help glancing at Gina. He linked with her and had said nothing. Alli knew she wasn’t upset with him.

Gavin shuddered in his confusion and we all knew why. He thought we couldn’t be killed and so did I.

Gina said to everyone, “You think I don’t know what happened to her; well, I do. She was beheaded, Gavin.” Gasps came from us as well as our friends. I was surprised by that and waited for Gina’s explanation to her family.

She said to Alli, “You know we share everything, whether we want to or not. Well, don’t blame yourself. Olli had what you’d call a nightmare if you could sleep. I call it day-dreaming. He was so relaxed he started thinking about it.”

Olli cuddled her. “Shit, Gina. Why didn’t you tell me?”

“It was a long time ago and you didn’t need to know, pet. I knew something was being blocked from me. You know I’d have felt it from Reese and especially Alli, at some point. This is all too bloody serious. Let’s go in the pool and forget it. I’m okay and we have visitors to entertain.”

Olli grinned at her, “Now you’re talking, Mrs Walker.”

We’d been in the pool for a while when we were told by Lucas that something was happening in their party room. We hadn’t been in there before and I was dying to see what it was like. Gavin dried my back as we got dressed quickly with all the others. They skinny-dipped like us so there were no inhibitions. They were hurrying as fast as us to see what was going on. I couldn’t leave a towel on my head and found my comb in the bottom of my bag. I combed it into a ponytail and put a band on it. Anything to stop it dripping all over my face. Shit, make-up.

Gina heard me and said, “You’ve got time, Jane, they’re not ready yet.” She was sitting down with her make-up out on the coffee table.

I sat beside her and laughed before I said, “I nearly asked how you knew.” She giggled and started on her own regime; not that she needed to wear any.

Nor do you. I glanced at her and giggled.

When we entered the party room we stood there with our mouths open. It was just like a nightclub. A vast room with lights everywhere and tables and chairs around the walls.

Lucas cleared his throat beside us. He saw our faces and laughed his head off. “You’ll get used to it. Come and get a drink and there’s a kettle behind the bar for tea, Jane.” We followed him across the room whilst the rest of our crew were taken to seats by some of the others. I noticed the stage and something large that was stood on the floor next to it, although covered in a rubber sheet.

I heard Lucas laugh and turned to him, “Is that what I think it is – a piano?”

He smirked and said, “Won’t be much played on that tonight.” He looked along the bar and asked, “What’s your tipple, Gavin?”

“A treble brandy. I think I’ll need it.” He grinned at Lucas and then towards the draped piano, chuckling to himself.

I was curious about the metal thing that stood beside it. It had a tall arm that hung over the piano. I asked, “What’s that…on second thoughts cancel that question, I need tea just looking at it.” I parked my backside on a stool.

Lucas was holding his sides and could hardly move for laughing. Andy came over, smiling at him. “I’ll make your tea, Jane or you’ll never get it.” He squeezed behind Lucas and put the kettle on and then proceeded to line a few mugs up, but when he’d finished he said, “Christ, we’ve had some fun in this house. Things 'gays' shouldn’t even think of, let alone do.”

Lucas seemed to come to life, “My excuse – I’m a hybrid. What was it, Gavin, brandy?”

“No. I see I’ll have to pace myself, Lucas, wine please.”

Those were the last words Gavin said. I did hear the lads saying they were needed but that was through a haze. My eyes, and I’m sure Gavin was the same, were riveted on Harvey who backed through the door leading Alli. I was so surprised with what she was wearing and what he wasn’t that I sat there and just watched the weirdest, but the most intoxicating floor show you could ever imagine. I couldn’t take my eyes off what they were doing or what they used. They had so much fun I loved watching them. Gavin put his arm around my shoulder and cuddled me half way through when we all laughed at the innuendo from them both when they spoke to each other. I was in stitches in places but my eyes never left them. I had no idea how long it went on and we ended up making love, like every couple there; hyped up by what we’d watched.

The next time we saw Alli and Harvey we were sitting around the twelve-foot glass table in their beautiful conservatory. Before they came in light-hearted banter carried on down the table. Waiting for them to join us gave me time to see how this beautiful conservatory was constructed. It was such a whirlwind visit the last time we were in here to eat, I couldn’t take it all in. The steel frame was made to look like trees with clear glass between the trunks. Even that was fabulous as there were layers of different coloured glass near the top of each one. I looked carefully at the one nearest to us as they seem to be floating on the clear glass. They were quirky shapes which overlapped to make other colours. Each panel was exactly the same and the whole thing was stunning. I followed the branches up to the roof and they intertwined across each other, leaving small gaps, filled with some of the colours they’d used on the side panels.

Clapping made me lower my eyes. They’d come in. Broad smiles plastered across their faces, taking a bow first before sitting opposite us; sparkling eyes on them both.

Alli glanced at Beth. She knew she had something to say. “Go on, Beth.”

“Thanks, Alli. I can’t say I wasn’t a bit surprised when you came in.” She giggled with everyone, carrying on, “But I have to say, you stopped any awkwardness that Rod and I might have had – you know, for the first time.”

Rod cuddled her. “You took seconds getting used to it, love.”

She flashed her eyes at him and said, “Yes, don’t see that’ll be a problem at all, but sorry to burst your bubble, Rod; wearing something like Alli’s get-up, possibly would be.” He pulled a pretend sad face and laughed at her.

Harvey shoved in, “You’d have to be an exhibitionist, Beth.” She laughed at him just as Alli elbowed his ribs. He pretended it hurt, rubbing his chest, flashing his eyes at her.

“Do that again, Mrs Burgess, I like it.”

She giggled at him and said, “You’ll eat those words when I’m in charge, next time.”

Harvey turned to us, giggling and squeezed out, “She’s a demon with a whip.”

We heard Alli’s thoughts: You’re not getting away with that, MrBurgess. He giggled and awaited his fate. She said, out loud, “No, that’s not quite true. Gina wins that one, hands-down.” Gina let out a shriek, loud enough for everyone to hear from the street. Alli smiled at her and carried on. “Harvey’s favourite things are red stiletto heels and long, red, latex gloves and a white cup and saucer.” Before she’d finished, he’d slipped off his chair and was curled up beside her in a heap on the floor, giggling uncontrollably. We could see him through the table top and they had everyone in stitches. That’ll teach you!

She grabbed hold of his hand to pull him up. He said, loudly, “It’s what you do with those items that I love, Alli. You’ve always known that.” He kissed her and slid onto his chair again, asking, “Any more wine left?

A couple of half-empty bottles were handed down the table. Harvey offered the bottle in his hand over to Gavin.

“Please, Harvey.” He held his glass across the table for it to be filled. Andy got up and shot into Lucas’s kitchen to make more tea for us.

Gavin asked, “Did Andy paint the portrait of Harvey and Alli, Lucas?”

“He did. The little bugger had it hidden away with Olli & Gina’s.”

“Do you think he’d paint ours?”

Lucas smiled at Gavin, cast his eyes back to the doorway to his kitchen and said, “Wait and see. I’m saying nothing else.” He glanced at Alli and winked because she knew exactly what he meant. Excitement rippled through everyone around the table.

Gavin sat back in his seat with a smile on his face. I flashed my eyes at Alli. I knew now.

Andy brought a tray in that held mugs of tea and plonked it down on the table. “Help yourselves.” He laughed and said, “Seems I have to get something. I was saving it for tomorrow – might have known in this bloody house.” He vanished to laughter from everyone.

Gina piped up, “Glad he put the fucking tray down first!” She got up and giggled as she handed the mugs out. When she got to Bren and Jack, she said, “This reminds me of the day in the board room.” They both laughed at her. They didn’t have to explain to us, Gina’s thoughts about it flashed through our heads and we saw it all.

Alli said across the table, “We might work our balls off but we’ve had a lot of fun. I think the funniest day was when Harvey asked Ron if we could leave early. We had our first bondage class with Lucas the following night and we had to collect the rope we’d ordered from John at Darwin’s Heath.”

Gavin nearly sprayed his wine across the table.

Harvey was in fits and when he’d calmed down a bit he said, “Well, we can’t lie to him. The team didn’t know what we were then, either. Once I reached our office and slammed the door, I collapsed in a bloody heap.”

Hillary yelled, “I nearly crashed the fucking car when I heard him!”

The chat stopped abruptly when Andy appeared beside Lucas. He was holding two large flat parcels covered in brown paper. He said, “I haven’t opened these since they came from the framers and don’t know which is which. There’s one for you two, Gavin, and for you, Charlie and Luke. I hope you like them.” The two lads were sat near Olli and Gina. They couldn’t have been more surprised.

Lucas was opposite our lads and took one of the packages, saying, “Didn’t think he’d leave you two out, did you?” He flashed his eyes at them and began to rip the paper off the painting. The back of it faced everyone and he didn’t turn it around. Meanwhile, Andy had removed the paper from the other one. He held the front towards his body and walked around the table, heading for us.

“I had to paint it – should have asked, really.” He presented it to Gavin. He held it aloft so that we could see it properly. Tears trickled down my face until I couldn’t see properly.

Hillary tapped my arm and pushed a serviette into my hand, saying, “We were the same.”

I dabbed at my leaking eyes, “Thanks. I couldn’t see the painting properly.”

Gavin put one arm around Andy for a hug. “Thank you isn’t strong enough, Andy, its perfect.” Now that I could see, he was thrilled we liked it.

I said to him, “You’ve made my day, Andy, thank you so much.”

He hugged me and said to us, “You’re family. You have been since we visited you.” We heard his voice crack with emotion. I gave him an extra squeeze and let him go. He hurried back to Lucas for the other painting. Andy turned it around once it was in his hands and raised it up opposite the boys.

Charlie blasted, “Fucking hell, it’s gorgeous, Andy.” Andy giggled at him.

Luke got up, saying, “I’m choked – don’t mind admitting it.” Lucas took hold of the painting; Luke wanted a hug and there was no stopping him. Lucas showed it down the table while Andy was being mobbed. Praise left everyone’s mouth. He’d captured them embracing. Behind them was a Japanese scene and perfect for their rooms at the top of our house.

When all had died down Alli asked Andy a question. “You didn’t go into their rooms, Andy. How did you know about the Japanese theme?”

He giggled before he answered, “I’ve caught that little gift from you, Alli. For a while now I’ve seen whatever anyone tells me.”

Harvey yelled, “This calls for a toast!” Jo vanished. I knew she’d gone for more wine.

Gavin turned ours around for everyone to see it. Alli said, “Not surprised you’re in tears, Jane, it’s beautiful.” I could feel my tears again.

I daren’t speak or I’ll cry again, Alli.

Jane, we were the same. Andy has a rare gift. I changed the subject. “Well, then – who’s ready for the grand tour of the house?”

Our chair legs scraped across the floor and then I belted out, “Now you’re talking!” I had to smile – I’d yelled that at our house. Gavin giggled beside me.

Harvey laughed. He was thrilled we’d made ourselves at home. He said, “Think we’re in business, Mrs Burgess.” He grabbed hold of Alli’s hand, aiming for the door to Andy’s studio.

Lucas grabbed Alli’s other hand before they got to the French doors. “We’re coming.” He had to let go or they’d have blocked the doorway. “I want to see what new stuff you buggers have bought, Sis.” Harvey laughed out loud. Now Lucas knew there was something. He was even more eager to be with them.

We ground to a halt because Alli had stopped, just as she stepped through the door.

Andy was beside us and yelled, “Sorry, I shouldn’t have left them there.”

He squeezed his way through everyone. When he reached her he said, “I forgot, Alli. Meant to put those back in Lucas’s dungeon.” I giggled, hearing that.

“We’ll walk around them, Andy, no problem. Who ordered all these?”

“No one, Alli. Can’t seem to stop painting, now I have this great studio.”

Harvey looked at Andy’s smiling face and said, “I think your first exhibition is more or less painted, Andy.”

Lucas added, “There’s more in my dungeon. He’d fill the fucking town hall.”

Harvey turned back and searched among our faces, “Jo, that’s your next project. Work with Andy on it and don’t spare the horses.”

“Say no more, Harvey; been telling him for fucking weeks.”

Andy laughed at Jo. I’m sure he knew things would happen now she was on board. He was dead chuffed and so he should be. Our painting was beautiful.

Jo said to Harvey, “We’ll wait down here for you.”

Harvey led the way up the stairs with Alli. He opened a door and they coaxed us in. The room was black marble. I didn’t notice the pool at first and nearly stepped into it. “Holy shit!” Gavin grabbed hold of me on the side of a ten-foot-square plunge pool.

We must have looked very amused. They stood back and watched us checking out the large hook over the pool and the manacles and chains fixed to the walls. God knows what the others were like, I was too interested in my feelings; seeing it all stirred emotions in me. I held onto Gavin hearing Harvey and Alli reliving some of the fun they’d had in here. Titters flowed out from us as each one understood.

Gavin asked, “Is the water back, Harvey? They have something now, to turn it black. Designers use it on flat ponds to make them look like mirrors.”

“It’s an optical illusion, Gavin; black marble and twelve feet deep helps. Sounds like you’ve done it somewhere in your garden, though?”

“I have – ordered it from the States. Strange stuff; black powder and you add a pinch more over time to make sure it stays black. There’s an oblong boating pond in one of the gardens and perfect for it. I haven’t shown Jane or the lads, with us being so bloody busy.”

“Look forward to seeing it when we’re up again, Gavin. Well, we better finish showing you around up here or the humans will need carrying when they fall asleep. Follow us.”

Jenny wasn’t having that, saying, “We’ve more staying power than you bloody think, Harvey, and I don’t want to miss a thing.” He glanced back and laughed with her.

In the hall outside, he said, “Bit of a squeeze in this next room.” He unlocked the door, turned the handle and pushed it open. “We’ll stay outside.” He put his hand in, flicking switches to illuminate the completely black room. We wandered in past them, gawping at everything. Not one of us spoke as we looked at all the gear on the walls and wooden frames that filled most of the floor space. I just wanted to laugh; never thinking any of this existed, before now. I glanced at Gavin. He was grinning and chuckling to himself, making mental notes in his head.

Penny for them? He looked at me and laughed, tapping the side of his nose.

Alli was leaning on the door jam, watching us scanning all the goodies. She wore a permanent smile on her face. I knew that this was the tip of the iceberg. Charlie left the room first, grinning like a Cheshire cat. He said to Harvey, “Can’t wait to see what’s downstairs, you buggers.”

Harvey bent over, he was laughing so hard. Alli said to Charlie, “You won’t have long to wait if you hurry them up?”

Charlie came in and asked us to hurry. Who were we to argue?

The chat never stopped on our way to the cellar; through the kitchen where the others waited for us and down the stairs. This was where the wine was kept. It certainly shut us up when we saw how much was down there; racks of it, and from the labels, the lads were looking at, the best that money could buy.

Harvey pointed his thumb back to a door, saying loudly, “That was our first toy room, but you can see that at any time you’re here, much the same as upstairs with a few extras.” He walked to a door under the stairs and keyed in the code on the lock. “Have to keep the whole of this cellar out of bounds to the cleaning squad. They see to all our needs, but they’d have us arrested if they saw what was in here. The only problem with that is, Jamie, who heads vice, comes here for parties with his good lady, Gina, and the rest of vice come too.”

Through all the laughing and giggling, we followed Harvey; oblivious to what we were walking into. Alli was beside me and when I looked up at the walls my hand slammed across my mouth to stop me smirking. She giggled.

By the sniggering we heard, their family hadn’t seen everything in here, either. Gavin and the lads were laughing their heads off.

Olli yelled, “Let me know what it’s like Harvey; looks fucking ace.” He was staring at the bed of nails that was hanging near him.

“Use it, Olli, don’t buy one,” Harvey said with glee.

“Cheers, I will.” He put his finger on one of the nails to feel how sharp they were. “Can’t fucking wait? Sorry – holding things up.”

Harvey sniggered and said, “Let’s move on.” Lucas opened the door to the next room.

Emotions rocketed from everyone. There was a large circle of two-way mirrors in the centre of the room, surrounded by big comfy sofas. The outside walls were completely covered in mirrors as well.

Harvey said with a smile, “By the look on your faces, I don’t need to explain anything in here.” He was right and why everyone laughed. He went past the sofas and before he opened the next door he turned and said, “I think you’ll like this room, too.”

When we saw the size of the Jacuzzi we stopped dead in our tracks. Harvey laughed and uttered, “Well, there are a lot of us and we have humans who love it too.”

I finally found my voice, although I’d forgotten I knew the answer, “I hope we’ve got a cellar, Gavin? This place is fucking fantastic.” His grin told me we had. I rubbed my hands together; very happy.

“This place has made you giddy, Jane. I’ve mentioned the cellar at home, a few times now.”

“You’re right as usual, Gavin, on both counts.” He laughed at me.

Harvey added, “It’s taken over a year to do all this. We have a bar through that door and there’s more through here.” He opened the door beside him and walked in. What we could see looked like an ordinary massage room with a few doors at the back. Harvey went over to the wall that looked like wood panelling and held a handle. When he pulled it back steel items lined the wall, row after row.

“Fucking hell,” left Charlie’s mouth. Harvey went back and pulled on the handle at the bottom and another layer opened up to other things. Glass objects, sparkling on the red velvet, so beautiful and completely different from the steel ones.

Luke asked, bewildered, “Where the hell did you buy all this, Harvey, and wouldn’t glass break? His eyes were drawn back to the steel, unable to shake off his thoughts.

Right with you, Luke. We heard from Charlie’s mind.

Harvey smiled at them and said, “We’ll give you all the contacts and that glass is what they use on heat shields for space rockets, according to Alli. Her boyfriend, Adey, was into researching all that and a bit rubbed off, didn’t it love?”

I cuddled him and answered, “About the only thing, Mr Burgess. Why don’t you lot choose something as a gift from your visit?”

Gavin said quickly, “We couldn’t do that, Alli, being here is enough and we’ll never forget it.”

Harvey pushed in, “Please take something? All of you – I mean it, although humans should stick to the glass items. The steel things weren’t designed for you and we don’t want any accidents, do we?” Ripples of laughter were mingled with the excitement of receiving a present. One by one we chose something that would always be a memory of our visit.

The next morning Gavin and I rode with Harvey and Alli to the nick. A chopper was picking us up. There was a hold-up in town and Harvey was very impatient putting the blues on with the siren blazing, to get us through the mayhem, whatever it was. I looked and couldn’t see why there was a bottle-neck. Ron was waiting to say hello to us before we hurried up to the roof.

Hugs and kisses carried on for a while, making sure we didn’t miss anyone. Just as we finished Harvey said, “Get ready – two minutes guys and keep in touch, Gavin. You may know who you’re looking for when you get back, so call on us whenever you’re ready.”

“Cheers, Harvey. We’ve had a great time.” He turned to Alli, “Thanks for sorting out our little problems. Jane’s was much more important than mine.”

I gave him a hug and then I looked up to his face, “Thanks love. It did get a bit much.” I let him go and held my arms out to Alli. “Thanks, Alli, you’ve changed my life, really. I can’t smell any of the buggers now.”

We hugged and then the sound of the chopper cut through us hearing properly.

I wish you’d asked me before, Jane. We’ll see you soon, all of you, and it was a pleasure having you here.

I squeezed her hand and then we all ran to the chopper, ducking under the blades before climbing aboard. I hurried to find a seat quickly, wanting to wave goodbye before it lifted off. I had tears in my eyes once we were air-born. Gavin cuddled me. I feel the same, Jane.

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